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Trekking poles: valid reasons to use them

Let's find out why it is better to use trekking poles when hiking.

Camino de Santiago: what to bring?

A practical guide, full of tips on the Camino de Santiago.

How to choose the backpack to go trekking in the mountains

Come indossare lo Zaino da Trekking
zaino da trekking

How to wear the Trekking Backpack

Here's how to put on the hiking backpack in 5 simple steps.

How to choose trekking shoes?

The trekking shoe is not synonymous with uncomfortable and heavy shoe. In fact, the right pair of shoes will allow you to enjoy the view and get to the bottom without blisters and sore feet!

Summer Trekking Clothing, how to dress?

In the last year and a half many have discovered or rediscovered the beauty of nature, and many are choosing a mountain destination for their summer holidays , in spite of the most obvious seaside ...
Cosa è il Vibram?

What is Vibram?

The history of Vibram.
Cosa sono le colonne d'acqua
colonne d'acqua

What are water columns?

When we explain a garment in our store, we are asked a recurring question: "But what is the water column?" Here is the answer. Let's see technically the meaning of this measurement syste...
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How to prepare the trekking backpack

HOW TO PREPARE YOUR BACKPACK IN FIVE STEPS: First of all : the ideal distribution of the weights in the backpack can also vary according to the characteristics of the itinerary. ONE: On the bott...